They Symptoms of Postpartum Depression

After having my second child, life became overwhelming. The needs and wants of your new bundle of joy can change so rapidly and there are new developments in their growth occurring daily. All of this will surely test your nerves and patience like nothing you have ever experienced before. This is all true and yet goes without mentioning the needs and wants of you, the new mother.  Your hormones are peaking in ways they never have. You’re stretched thin and yet never put first.

You are not alone.

For some new mothers, these feelings are something they work through. Perhaps they talk about them with their spouse or partner and some of the tension is released. Maybe they get a stretch of time where they are able to sleep for five straight hours and they awake refreshed. Still, for some others, no matter what amount of talking or rest they are blessed with, these feelings are more persistent and more difficult to overcome. If this is how you may be feeling you might be dealing with postpartum depression. Here are some of the symptoms associated with postpartum depression that you should look out for:

  • Mood swings
  • Crying spells
  • Anxiety
  • Persistent sadness, although also feeling like you don’t have a reason to be sad
  • Difficulty sleeping
  • Irritability
  • Persistent feelings of being overwhelmed
  • Appetite problems, either eating too much or not at all

If you feel that you have several of the symptoms listed and are having an extremely difficult time rebounding from these feelings, talk to a professional. Remember, this is not something that is necessarily within your control and help is available to you.